Research Week 1 and 2

For this week i think i should still be looking for general background information and also finding some of the issues that the solider experienced from the Vietnam war.

I’ve currently found several good articles on the general issues and some information from the solider’s point of view and their options through poems, stories and blogs. One of these blogs was by a soldier who was part of the anti-tank brigade. Who has a website on all his experiences in the war and some of the poems he wrote about the war and politics in general. In his description of the war he tells about his training for war, his time in war, just after he left the war, and later in life. I’ve also found a good book called Homecoming: When Solider’s Return From Vietnam which is a collection a letters and messages from war veterans and their experience when returning but the school does not have it and going to have to go to the local library to get it.

I think that i should go and collect the book and then read it and also try to find more books like it to get more primary information. Also research more about PTSD and depression and statistics on them. Also then compare them to the general population to find how bad it really was.


History Essay Research


Primary Informarion

Lachlan Irvine

Good Poems

  • Ups and downs

  • wanting to be recognised for their service

  • who is it to blame?

  • Politics 101 – they felt they were abandoned by the government
  • THE EMBEDDED REPORTER’S SONG – Not paying attention to soldiers. Just reporters.



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