Research Week 3

My research is currently being heading towards research on the affects of social discrimination because they participated in Vietnam. My research currently should be at the point where I’m starting to get the picture and also finding good quotes. I currently have a excellent idea of the injustice that they experienced after they came back and also it wasn’t all bad for all the soldiers some of them did not experience discrimination upon coming back but then started being discriminated against. There where someone that had a pleasant return but was denied a job when the employer learned that he was a Vietnam solider then called him a traitor and tore his application in two. There was a Vietnam solider who also accused government that Vietnam soldiers where the governments scapegoat for Vietnam they pushed all the blamed on them and abandoned them.

I think next that I should progress to is to get more quotes and also read the book about on the Homecoming : When Vietnam Soldiers return from Vietnam when it gets delivered.


Week 2 research

I went to the wharfies interview and was accepted because of the father and son rule.

Anyway all was good until the bloke asked me what I had been doing for the last 5 years.   I told him that I had been in the army and had gone to Vietnam.   He tore my application in two and told me to piss off as they don’t hire traitors like me.

John Lawrence ex 3rar Vietnam 67-68

The Viet vet became a scapegoat for our country’s involvement in an unpopular war

I also kept quiet because the war was not a welcome topic outside the walls of veterans clubs

“When I was in Melbourne, that was my next posting, we were instructed to not wear our uniform to work.”

The moves were made to protect soldiers from protestors who had assaulted and poured paint over uniformed staff.[1955%20TO%201980]&searchLimits=q-field0|||q-type0=any|||q-term0=Homecoming|||q-field1=title%3A|||q-type1=all|||q-term1=Vietnam|||q-field2=creator%3A|||q-type2=all|||q-term2|||q-field3=subject%3A|||q-type3=all|||q-term3|||l-australian=y|||q-year1-date=1955|||q-year2-date=1980|||l-language=English

There where some people who where celebrated

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