Developing a hypothesus and argument /Planning the Essay

When planning the essay i decided to focus on one impact categorises of the war instead of multiple aspects of the war. The category that that I decided to choose to focus on is the social impacts of the war on Vietnam soldiers. The hypothesis that i chose is the the social impact of the war are inconclusive and tend not to suggest that the soldiers where treated one way but multiple different ways some better than others.

The micro thesis that i decided on were chosen by having them to be arguments rather than facts. The micro thesis that i have chosen to choose in the essay are After arriving soldiers had differing treatment by the public, The soldiers when arriving back from Vietnam did not always receive a hostile welcome back, and after experiencing the war some soldiers felt that they were abandoned but some people felt they had help. The points were chosen because of the information i collect suggesting that the points are true.

After choosing the micro thesis points i put in some relevant quotes to the points to support the point. Finally i created a reference list of all the places where the quotes come from that I am going to use in the essay.

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